If only health could be purchased in shops, then many people could be buying it. Unfortunately that is impossible.

If only it were to be replaced with one means or the other , then the rich would be the first people to do so. Unfortunately that is also impossible. How many rich people are suffering in this world?

Health is  a gift from God. Never misuse it . Take care of it. Whenever you pray, prioritise health in your prayers before wealth. Because you will never enjoy your wealth without health.

Health is Wealth.




Dear Everyone,

To all Parents Out there, Never understimate any child. A child is a child whether yours or not . Always wish the best for someone else child as if he or she is yours. Perhaps your own child may not be beside you when you need him, buts someone’s child could be with you when you need your child love the most.

To all house tenants out there, Never be rude to your neighbours. You never know who will rescue you when you are under attack.

To all street walkers, Never be harsh to your fellow passers by when they accidentally knock you. You never know that they may be rushing to an emergency. He or she could be the one to lift you up when you accidentally fall.

To all students out there, Never be selfish in your education. Help those who are weak . Teach them a new concept when you come across it. Because you never know who will be your future boss. Sometimes jobs are hard to find . But the friend whom you once underestimated may be in a better place. Jobs also come by luck not too much cleverness.

To all buyers out there, Never bargain too much . Buy what you can afford . Because you never know what the seller has come across to offer you what he has.

To all rich people out there, spend what you have wisely. Help the needy and the poor. Because even your wealth will be questionable on the day of judgment.

To everyone out there, respect you parents especially your mother. remember paradise lies unde the feet your mother.

To All who have gone astray, Turn to Allah and Repent it is never too late. Allah is the Most Forgiving.

To all who like judging people, would you please stop that and mind your own business.

A family member does not have to be your flesh and blood. Anyone who comes across your life can be like one.

To all readers of this article, i hope you find this helpful. Thank you for reading.